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Wissing story by Jenny Gray
Updated last: 14 June 2003
As at 14 June 2003 there are 1616 descendants of our first generation Christen Sadelmager, born in the mid-1600's.
(1588 on 29 September 2002)
His first descendant, a son named
Povel Christensen Sadelmager Wissing was born in 1704 in Ringkøbing Denmark.
As yet we do not know when or where Christen Sadelmager was born.
The earliest Wissing in Aabenraa was Poul Christian Sadelmager Wissing, born 25 September 1735 in Ringkøbing and married 16 November 1770 in Aabenraa.
Our earliest known Wissing emigrant was Helena Wissing, born 21 August 1810, who immigrated to the USA with her husband Claus Hinrich Stoltenberg.
On 20 December 2001 we received an email from Helena & Claus' 2nd great-grandson Lonny Brakel who lives in North Dakota, USA. This was our first contact with a descendant of Helena & Claus, before then we knew nothing about Helena.
David Moore devoted many hours of research to the Wissing-Stoltenberg branch of the family, making contact with many descendants in the USA and an especially helpful lady Virginia Jones.
Virginia is unrelated to the family, but on David's behalf made contact with George Eggers, the 2nd great-grandson of Helena & Claus Stoltenberg.
Virginia and George spent many hours at the library photocopying George's large family history collection which was forwarded on to David.
Another descendant of the Wissing-Stoltenberg branch is George Renfeldt. George is also the 2nd great-grandson of Helena & Claus Stoltenberg. He was very helpful in forwarding his family history charts to us and the first & only photograph of Helena & Claus Stoltenberg.
As at 14 June 2003 there are 669 descendants of Helena & Claus Stoltenberg.
Three Aabenraa Wissing's made their way to Australia in 1854 & 1869.
They were children of Paul Christian Wissing and Helene Marie Tønnesen;
Helena Elisabeth, Johann Theodor and Paul Christian.
David Moore and Jenny Gray have collected quite a bit of information regarding descendants of the Australian Wissing's.

From the three siblings mentioned above there are 695 Australian descendants. (671 on 29 September 2002)

David has been researching the Australian Wissing's since 1985 and Jenny since early 2000.
David found our first Danish Wissing descendant on 26 July 2001 Erik Moldt
Erik Moldt is the great-grandson of Betty Pauline Wissing who was born 19 August 1852.
Erik has been invaluable with the Danish research, making many trips to the Archives to copy church book pages and taking a lot of trips to places of interest around Denmark regarding our Wissings to take photographs and gather information.
He is the webmaster of this website and is a great help with translations!
As well as the Stoltenberg's, there is another Wissing clan in the USA. Christina Maria Wissing and her husband Gulbrand Tellefsen immigrated to the USA, settling in Cook County, Chicago, Illinois.
To date there are 49 descendants of Christina and Gulbrand.

This has been a difficult branch to research with many descendants still to be found.
However, a 2nd great-granddaughter of Christina & Gulbrand, Charmaine Tellefsen Jones, has been very helpful with information and photographs.
On 17 April 2002 I was contacted by
Werner Wissing who lives in Gråsten Denmark.
Werner is the great-grandson of Jürgen Anton Wissing born 4 June 1834. Through my posts to the Rootsweb Denmark mailing list "2 years" previously a fellow employee where Werner is employed mentioned that I was researching Wissing's from Aabenraa.
Werner has given us a lot of information about Jürgen's descendants, documents and photographs.
With Werner's information we were able to go back a further generation and also solve the puzzle of our Ringkøbing Wissings who were born with the last name "Sadelmager".
Unfortunately, 2 weeks into his retirement on 25 December 2002, Werner passed away.
Andrea Held is the most recent Wissing descendant to make contact on 31 August 2002. Andrea was born in Germany and now lives in the USA, she is the 2 great-granddaughter of Jürgen Anton Wissing born 4 June 1834.
Andrea has now taken our Wissing research into Germany.
Andrea is very interested in the Wissing family and will also be researching her Held family.
29 September 2002 has us working on the Guldager branch of the family.
Erik has met twice with Maria Guldager in Børkop, the widow of Erik Guldager who was the great-grandson of Anna Caroline Gustava Wissing and Christian Thansen Guldager.
Maria has kindly given Erik access to Erik G's family history collection and the many photographs which hang on the wall inside their house.
Erik G's family history collection and photographs are soon to be given to the Local History Archive in Aabenraa.
Erik is now delving into the history of our first generation, Christen Poulsen Sadelmager, a sadelmager (saddlemaker/upholsterer) in Ringkøbing who died in 1731.
There are still many descendants of the Wissings to be found, especially the earlier branches, but each month brings something new.